Reactor – Archery Arrow Wraps – Pack of 13


Vibrant, Visual, Versatile.

Arrow wraps are becoming more and more popular, as the practicality of them is clear to see, whenever you require a re-fletch, you can do so knowing that you aren’t going to be scratching or chipping away at the shaft itself, simply peel away the wrap, re-wrap and re-fletch.
Velo Vinyls arrow wraps offer this protection whilst combining it with print quality up to 1440 dpi.
These wraps come in 3 pre set widths:
• Small – for shafts up to 5.5mm Diameter
• Medium – for shafts up to 8mm Diameter
• Large – for shafts up to 9.5mm Diameter
We offer the chance to name your shaft model and spine to get a perfect fit, minimizing the overlap and creating a more aesthetically pleasing finish to the wrap.
Why not make your wraps, YOUR wraps, you can also add your name to the design and number them from 1-12 (1x unnumbered wrap included)
They also come with the option of 100mm or 150mm lengths.


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