Who are we?

Well, I say we, currently it’s just me, Aiden. I gained experience in the printing industry working at Merlin Archery, the biggest archery retailer in Europe, producing stabiliser graphics and arrow wraps on their in house Gerber Printing and Cutting machines.

As a keen cyclist, I arrived at that point in my life when I NEEDED some name decals for myself (let’s be honest, we all need them). I went to the well known producers of such decals/stickers, (there are a couple) that I’m sure to spring to peoples minds when you think bike stickers, and I couldn’t believe the price they were charging! Having experience behind me, buying materials etc, I knew how ridiculous their prices really were! So I went back into work at Merlin Archery, and I produced some of my own. The next day I posted my creation on social media, the interest was overwhelming and overnight Velo Vinyls was born!

After an incredible year, I needed to expand, and moved away from printing on Merlin Archery’s premises, and upgraded to my own Roland Printer/Cutter. This allowed me to take Velo Vinyls to the next level, now not only printing in colour foils, but full colour 1441 dpi, opening up the options for additional projects, company logos, signage, postage labels, window graphics etc.

Aiden McGovern


Our Recent Projects

Recently I have found myself working with some incredible people, I really do have to pinch myself sometimes, but that’s not just by chance, it always comes down to the product, and the quality of service. Below I have listed some examples of work and relationships Velo Vinyls has created recently, from Pro Continental Teams, Rio 2016 Paralympics, Cycling Tours in Tuscany, to 7 time Paralympic Gold Medalist, 18x World Champion Jody Cundy OBE.